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In 2002, my female dog Dolly gave birth to four (4) puppies, three males and one female. As we have lived with our darlings in our appartment, I was happy with their number. Based on my previous experience when Dolly delivered eleven (11) puppies, it was a releaf. However, instead of completely black devils, two of the puppies have redish legs, dots above their eyes, marks on their chests and marks under their tail. What should I do with them? Among us who raise dogs it is a public secret that such puppies are sometimes born and nobody is advertizing it. That is why the puppies do not survive. Everyone who raises dogs considers it a dark spot in their clean breed, which is why they get quickly rid of them. For a second, even I had the same idea that it would be the simplest way to resolve the unpleasant situation. To breed pure-blood dogs is a complicated thing. Every responsible breeder should make sure that only quality individuals are to be bred. But how could I remove from this world the small creeatures which are totally healthy and pretty and which are loved by their mother who is proud of them? Their mother would perhaps even risk her life for them. I would never kill them for the only fact that they have not suitable colour which will prevent them to be included into a pure breed.

Some of you may think whether their black siblings are suitable to be further bred. It is possible that they would transfer it to their children. It is quite possible, but the only difference is in the fact that you would know it about my dogs as you cannot sense whether your beautifully black dog in your house had a brother or sister that had not lived long enough to give someone happiness.

The black terrier is relatively young breed, i.e. it is therefore not bred long enough compared to other much older breeds. Among the predecessors, high proportion of the erdelterrier and rotvailer is found. The puppies can have the above features inherited their predecessors. The nature is powerful and does not care whether we like the dogs and whether we have any use for them. For us at home, they have been as good as those totally black puppies. We let them suck their mother’s milk right next to „quality“one. They grew very fast and both had paradoxically been the prettiest puppies I have ever seen. My friends who have also been breeding dogs agreed with me that the „coloured ones“have been very pretty in the exterier. The owner of the cover dog confirmed that such dogs are also in Poland, and that they had lived till their maturity being often very pretty. I saw a photograph of a famous Russian female dog – the world champion that on another photograph had marks on its legs. For the exhibition, their legs are simply painted. Unofficial exhibits of these „painted Russians“have been organized in Russia. It means that there must be plenty of them in order to be able to organize such an exhibition. We could ask. Are Russians or Polish breeders more remorseful than Czechs? Why such dogs are allowed to live there and not in our country? I knew only one dog like that in Slovakia, but appart from it I have never seen a dog like that in the Czech Republic.

In a breed also other imperfectnesses are common excluding the dog from raising it or exhibiting it. The breeder usually sells such puppies for less and stresses that they are only for pleasure. Why shold not the coloured puppies give people the same pleasure as do the puppies with podkusem ,cryptorchidies, with white spot, etc.? The black terrier is expensive. I think that not everybody who likes the breed could effort to buy one. That is why the black terrier puppies are in a great demand so I had no problem selling them. Both my little boys – Bruce and Bred ended up in a nice family’s appartment. I am convinced they would have a wonderful life there and that they would bring happiness to their owners as if they were totally black. Out of the eleven (11) puppies from the last vrh only two attend exhibitions, the female Ariela and the male Adrien. The other nine (9) bring happiness to their owners. Personally, I enjoy attending the exhibitions, but the main reason for going there is meeting the other owners of the same race as there is always something to talk about with them. For the new owner of the dog it might be even better to know that the particular puppy would not be the one to exhibit. The owner does not need to worry about the growth of teeth, legs, how tall would the dog be, etc. but could built a nice relationship with his dog. Then, as its breeder and a responsible person for the dogs, I can be sure that the dog will not end up in a pound for not being good enough.

Initially, I did not want to disclose that I have had coloured puppies. But now, I believe it is quite important to make it known to as many people as possible. When you see the dogs you all will agree with me. The new breeders should know that it is not necessary to kill the puppies. I am also begging the experienced breeders “let the puppies live”.

P.S. According to the law for the protection of animals it is against the law to kill healthy puppies. Is different colour a disease?


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